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What should not be missing in a flyfishing vest?

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What should not be missing in a flyfishing vest?

Are you also waiting for the sun, warmer weather, spring and fly fishing? The period until March 1, when fishing in trout is already allowed in some Slovenian rivers, you can take advantage of the thorough preparation of your flyfishing vest. Check out what should not be missed in it.

In order to effectively organize a fly fishing vest or other device used for storing fishery supplies, we follow the wishes of accessibility, orderliness, efficiency and speed. We must have everything we need for at least a couple of hours fishing in the area where we are going. We also need to scrape up the items and arranged them to know where they are so that they can quickly be found and used.

What should you not forget? In any case, artificial flies, leaders, pressing and cutting scissors, weighing devices, adhesion indicators and agents for easier drying of flies (dust, oil, amadou, …). It is recommended that you also have sunglasses, a spare wheel for a reel, a landing net attached to the back, a skin protection cream (especially in the summer and windy weather), a lamp, a small bottle of drinking water and a snack.

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