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Flyfishing trip to Slovenia

Everything you wanted to know about flyfishing in Slovenia. Marble trout, brown trout, grayling, huchen, pike ... Here you can have it all!

Fish species

Get ready for a surprise!

Marble & brown trout

Marble & brown trout are perhaps the most popular fish species in Slovenia. The first one is


Grayling, the lady of the stream, is one of the most interesting flyfishing species in Slovenia. On


Huchen is one of Europe's largest freshwater salmonid species. This predatory fish is highly prized in Slovenia.


Dry fly fishing

Slovenian rivers are perfect for delicate dry fly fishing. Practice it for smaller and medium-sized fish, especially marble & brown trout and (adriatic) grayling.

Nymph fishing

Ordinary fly fishing with nymphs, as well as French & Czech (European) nymphing, is suitable for indigenous marble trout, elusive brown trout and grayling, the lady of the stream.

Flyfishing with streamers

Always when you are after a trophy, from a giant marble trout, colossal huchen (danube salmon) or powerful pike, use large (light as well as heavy) streamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no special requirements. Beside the printed fishing licence for the freshwater fishing you only have to carry your ID.
Fishing licences are available at www.ribiskekarte.si. Purchase of fishing license or reservation of the fishing date on Ribiskekarte.si is available to everyone as the website is available in various languages.
Usually not, except in the case of huchen fishing. Always check the fishing licence before purchasing it. Requirements on guiding are written on the licence.
On the day of the freshwater fishing you should carry a valid printed fishing licence and a valid ID.

Request For a Fishing Guide

Usually you do not need a fishing guide, except in the case of huchen fishing. Always check the fishing licence before purchasing it. Requirements on mandatory guidance are written on the licence. If you like to fish at the best spots and do not want to spent hours searching for them, do not hesitate to contact us!

Flyfishing-slovenia.com offers a variety of important and interesting information on flyfishing in Slovenia. Everybody who wants to flyfish in this beautiful country should read and follow this website!

Marco, Italy

This guys are amazing! They know almost everything about flyfishing in Slovenia. Not to mention that buying a fishing licence is easy and safe.

Michael, Germany