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Anglers consider Soča, Sava Bohinjka, Unica, Krka, Idrijca, Radovna, Savinja and Obrh as the best Slovenian flyfishing destinations. But there is plenty of other interesting fisheries, alpine and chalk as well.

In Slovenia there is plenty of very good fly fishing possibilities. Flyfishing enthusiasts can fulfill their angling passion also at these brooks and rivers: Vipava, upper streches of Sava, upper stretches of Ljubljanica, Sava Dolinka, Kamniška Bistrica, Reka, Radeščica, Tržiška Bistrica, Rižana, Kolpa, Meža, Ribnica, Iška, Selška Sora, Mirna, Dreta, Mislinja, Gradaščica, Bistrica, Oplotnica, Poljanska Sora, Bistra, Želimeljščica, Gračnica, … The list goes on and on!

Extensive selection of various different streams offers the angler large rivers with lots of open space as well as small and more intimate brooks. Vibrant palette of fisheries allows angler to be flexible in all weather conditions so he can fish and catch his favorite fish.

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