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Large brown trout are often caught in the summer

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Large brown trout are often caught in the summer

Summertime is usually a period of hot weather with long days and warm nights. Streams are low and fish is packed in certain areas only. They are much easier to access but nevertheless, fishing is not easy at all. If the approach to fishing is right, the fisherman will be successful – like in the case of this beautiful brown trout.

First of all, we need to know the basic behaviour of the fish we are targeting. For example, if we are fishing for carps in the river, we should look for weedy parts and places in between shallow and deeper areas. If we are fishing for grayling, we always search for a bit stronger currents, where there is enough food which goes straight into the fish’s mouth. In the case f brown trout, we must look for a broken water, not to fast, but still curvy on the surface. There is brown trout for sure. If there is a stone where she might hide, even better!

Pay attention

Large brown trout are never easy for fishing because it is shy and very scary. Even the slightest shadow or movement on the bank will cause it to run and hide. Fisherman must have camouflage clothing and non-reflecting tackle. Movements should be very subtle and slow, delicate casting is a must.

So when we find the fish and have a proper tackle (and other gear), one must study the brown trout’s eating habits.

Timing is of utmost importance

Brown trout are feeding heavily during the night and sometimes in the morning or around dusk. f course, we can also catch it during the day, but the changes go small as the size of the fish increases. However, when the fish are packed in a certain zone, the feeding competition among them is on our side. This is the advantage we must take into consideration!

Large trout are often taken on a streamer, but for hard summer fishing, we recommend nymphs. Dry flies come in handy for smaller specimens. A strike should be energetic because the mouth of a big brown trout is hard and full of teeth. Put the pressure on the rod the whole time while fighting it, and never forget the landing net, especially when you know you will release the fish.

This gorgeous, 80 cm long fish, was caught in the reservoir lake of the Sava Dolinka river, SW Slovenia. Check it out HERE.

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