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Flyfishing in the snow?

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Flyfishing in the snow?

This winter is still going on, the temperatures are low, and much of Slovenia is covered with thick snow. How to fly fish in such circumstances?

Despite the weather that is not very favourable for fishing, our hobby can still be very nice. For a pleasant spending day, we only need a detailed plan, warm clothes and some patience.

Flyfishing can be difficult in cold weather due to the freezing of the line, the rod and other vital parts of the equipment. It is therefore recommended that the rings on the rod are regularly cleaned, and the rods are not placed in the snow, as this clogs the wheels and rings on the rod.

In addition, it is advisable to make knots at home. For tying the fly to the line, thinner gloves to heat our fingers will come in handy.

In cold days, the fish are much less active, so we must wear polaroid glasses and look for such specimens that are obviously feeding. If we are fishing in blind, it is best to try with nymphs and streamers. Winter conditions are usually not favourable for fishing with dry flies.

Equipped with warm clothes, it will be easier to survive even very low temperatures. We can take tea with us and spice up short breaks during fishing.

It is extremely important that we properly handle the fish in the cold. In dry weather, we have even less time to keep them out of the water than in warmer months. We never put them in the snow – unless we have killed them. The fish can suffer severe frostbites and even death.

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