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Chub fishing

Chub fishing

Chub is somewhat neglected but interesting sports fishing species. Those who are engaged in fishing since early childhood can probably remember fishing for chub as very interesting.  And this is true – fishing for chub can be very thrilling. Chubs practically populate all the fresh waters in Europe and are very well adapted to all kinds of pollution and even warm water.

Chub can grab a coarse bait, artificial lure, and artificial fly as well, which is why they are attractive for fishing.

Why are many fishermen putting a chub to another plan? Probably because he lives everywhere, because it is not very difficult to catch him, and because he does not offer a very good fight when hooked. With some reflection, we can join the first claim, and the other and the last must be politely rejected.

The chub bursts the imagination of fishermen from time immemorial. All referenced fisheries literature, the foreign or domestic, speaks of him as an important fish from the group of cyprinids. Izaak Walton, an English author and a giant among fishermen’s classics, his work The Complete Fisherman from 1653, even begins with the description of this fish. He says we need to catch him in the spring with worms, summer with locusts and other insects, and in the colder period with a yellow paste of cheese and saffron. Francis Francis, a worldwide fishing legend, says in his book A Book on Angling from the second half of the 19th century that “the chub is extremely scary, especially bigger specimens, and the fisherman must approach him with extreme caution.”

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