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About flyfishing in Slovenia

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In Slovenia one is allowed to flyfish from 1st of April (at some fisheries even from 1st of March) till the end of September (for marble & brown trout). All you need is a valid fishing licence, you can purchase it here. Apart from this licence, you also need a valid ID. Guidance is not mandatory, except for flyfishing for huchen, but not at all fisheries.

For flyfishing the smaller and middle – sized trout, 2-3 m long rods will come in handy. The most suitable are slow to fast action rods in class from 3 to 5 AFTM. Angler can successfully flyfish with nymphs and dry flies. He can also use longer rods which are suitable for French or Czech (European) nymphing. For chasing larger specimens, we suggest heavier rods with higher action (7+ AFTM). These rods are compatible for flyfishing with streamers or large (and heavy) nymphs. One can apply floating or sinking fly lines. In recent years, the popularity of double handed rods is increasing.

For grayling, lighter tackle is needed; all slow action rods up to 5 AFTM are suitable. Best flies are small nymphs in natural patterns and dry flies. Locals love to flyfish with the F-Fly.

When flyfishing for pike or huchen, anglers use larger, heavier rods and large streamers. Fly fishing in Slovenia is the best!